In the R&D department in Vienna, a testing facility for the production of wood-based panels has been established in 2020.

The centrepiece of this facility is a heated, hydraulic press which enables the production of wood-based panels and test specimens based on wood particles (strands, flakes, chips). Innovative approaches can now be pursued to achieve new surface and bulk properties of wood-based materials with a high degree of industrial relevance.

This has been already successfully used for the development of the product BUCOLAN 5939. With this release agent it is possible to realise especially light surfaces in the production of pMDI glued oriented strand boards. Due to the high temperature resistance of the ingredients of BUCOLAN 5939, dark deposits in the peripheral areas of steel belts, where the release agent is only partly removed by the mat, can be minimised.

Harald Wutzel, employee of Research & Development in Vienna: “With the new technical centre we can react to questions from the wood-based material industry in a better way and assess new product developments or new approaches effectively and quickly.”


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