Throughout the company’s history, employees at Bussetti have striven to develop new products and serve new industries. The company began supplying the biotechnology industry in the 1960s. Its comprehensive product range includes everything from standard products to tailor-made solutions developed to meet individual customer requirements. Its flexible structure allow Bussetti to respond quickly to changing conditions, regulations and special market requirements. Bussetti always regards itself as a partner to its customers, rather than just a supplier, especially in this business segment: specific products are developed in a joint process in order to optimize the respective production processes. Bussetti customers enjoy support from a global network of application experts and sales partners.

During the process of development, every effort is made to use renewable, plant-based raw materials. Products are available either in bulk, in IBC and drums, according to the needs of the customer.

Both the process auxiliaries and their methods of manufacture meet stringent regulatory requirements and quality standards. Bussetti has built up extensive expertise in this field over decades, and holds a variety of certificates (Kosher, Halal, HACCP etc.).Our products are also GMO free and FDA compliant.

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Our key fields of application are:


Bussetti supplies leading yeast manufacturers worldwide. This fermentation application is a core element in the Bussetti product portfolio. It has been developed over half a century ago, with detailed knowledge and understanding of the application. The product range include defoamers for use in all fermentation applications, and emulsifiers for fresh and active dry yeast. In the field of yeast applications, Bussetti is also intensively involved in process control and feed-in systems for the defoamers used in fermentation. With its own application laboratory for yeast fermentation in Vienna, the company is able to optimize the defoamer for the specific process, and to evaluate the influence of the defoamer on yeast activity.

Potato processing

Austria is a major potato producer. Consequently, it was clear from the beginning that potato processing would become one of the industries served by Bussetti. During the last decades Bussetti developed this local business into an international business. Today we supply to the most important international snack producers..

Bussetti defoamers ensure that the manufacturing process for French fries, potato chips, and potato-based snacks and food remain stable and efficient, and complies with all regulatory requirements. The defoamers can be used in every step of production; here process temperature is a major factor.


The production of native and modified starches represents a very broad and sophisticated field of application for defoamers. Due to the different raw materials (potatoes, maize, wheat, peas, tapioca etc.), as well as the wide variety of applications for starch products (food, paper, construction chemistry, sweeteners etc.), in most cases a tailor-made, customer-specific solution is required.


Sugar production represents a major challenge for defoamers because both the sugar beet itself and the process conditions are constantly changing. Consequently, extensive experience is required to ensure that the production process runs smoothly. The experts at Bussetti have been working on this complex process since the 1960s. For nearly 60 years they have been developing innovative products designed specifically for use in sugar production. Bussetti is more than a supplier; the company regards itself as a partner to the sugar industry. The product portfolio includes defoamers for conventional beet processing, organic defoamers, crystallization agents, and scale inhibitors.

The products are continually being refined and optimized. Bussetti also uses renewable raw materials.

Defoamers are used in all steps of the process: transport and washing of beets, diffusion, extraction and purification, evaporation, crystallization, and the transport, storage, and desugarization of molasses.

Bioethanol and other fermentations

Bussetti has drawn on its know-how and expertise in defoamers and other auxiliaries in the yeast industry to develop products for many other fermentation processes. These include alcohol production, citric acid manufacturing, and pharmaceutical fermentations (amino acids, antibiotics).

Bioethanol is manufactured from a broad range of raw materials (grains, sugar beet, molasses, second-generation raw materials). Consequently, the defoamers must meet a wide variety of technical and regulatory requirements.

Major manufacturers of antibiotics and citric acid have relied on Bussetti defoamers for years

As a result, the company offers a broad portfolio of defoamers and auxiliaries used in a huge number of applications and sold in large quantities worldwide. Development in this industry sector is ongoing, leading to improved products and customized solutions.


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