Wood-based material industry

A wide range of global leading manufacturers of particle boards and fiber boards rely on Bussetti release agents and defoamers. Originally this business segment focused on the local Austrian market with its major wood processing industry. The products embody over 50 years of know-how. The experts at Bussetti develop 100% customized products for customers around the world. The product portfolio is being constantly expanded.

Today Bussetti supplies the entire industry with tailor-made solutions designed to meet specific requirements. A clear focus is placed on developing effective release agents for modern and no-added formaldehyde adhesives to be able to accomplish future challenges  in this innovative industry. Our application technicians and the R&D laboratory work together with customers to develop products which meet their particular requirements.

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Bussetti products for the wood-based material industry:

Release agents

Boards and mouldings have to be accurately separated from the pressing tools in order to create perfect surfaces. Consequently the choice of the correct release agent has an exceptional impact on the board quality.


The composition of the defoamers used to ensure process stability and efficiency is determined by the needs of the individual customer, paired with the regulatory standards. Defoamers are used during the tree trunk and wood chips washing, in fiber preparation, biological waste water treatment and and exhaust air purification plants.

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