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Bussetti offers products for all manufacturing processes for all sorts of pulp and paper. Manufacturers of pulp and paper have trusted in Bussetti expertise since 1950. The Bussetti product portfolio covers defoamers and deaerators for the paper machine cycle, defoamers for coating processes (coating, size and film press) and dispersing agents

The pulp industry uses Bussetti defoamers and dewatering agents based on silicon and mineral oils for brown stock washing and bleaching, as well as resin dispersing agents. Defoamers for downstream waste water treatment plants are also an important product group for these industries. The silicon-free product range for the manufacture of dissolving pulp and regenerated fibers is in great demand worldwide.

For many years Bussetti has worked closely with a large network of service providers and sales partners to service its customers in this industry.

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