The dramatic explosion in the port of the Lebanese capital Beirut in the summer of 2020 has left tens of thousands of children homeless. The devastating economic and social conditions in the country additionally aggravate the situation of the population and make it increasingly difficult to provide for these children.Bussetti & Co is participating in a fundraising campaign together with AGRANA, Salinen Austria AG and Austrian non-profit organizations.

Judith Aschenbrenner, chairwoman of the non-profit association “Soziales Miteinander im Wienerwald” (engl. social cooperation in the Wienerwald), decided to set up a fundraising campaign. In the swap shop “Karussell” run by the association, volunteers collected more than 200 boxes with donations of goods such as clothes, shoes, school supplies, diapers and toys. The department of the voluntary fire brigade Maria Anzbach provided active support in packing and storing the pallets.

Austrian companies also participated directly in the donation campaign. One ton of sugar as well as one ton of table salt were donated by sugar producer AGRANA and Salinen Austria AG. The Austrian chemical company Bussetti & Co GmbH contributed a pallet of washing powder so that the donated clothing can be kept clean on site. Theresa Henkel, an employee of Bussetti & Co, became aware of the fundraising campaign in December. Due to her network, she was able to inspire the aforementioned companies to participate in this fundraising project.

The transport costs of 2000 euro were financed exclusively by private donations.The collection and distribution of the donated goods in Beirut will be carried out by Caritas and the associations “Artists for Children Beirut” and “Save the Children”. The association “Artists for Children” was founded by the Austrian artist Derya Allüşoğlu Öcal. At the end of 2020 this association auctioned off artworks for the benefit of the homeless children in Beirut. The artist Petra Forman is an active partner of “Artists for Children” and inspired Judith Aschenbrenner to organize the large donation-in-kind campaign.

Judith Aschenbrenner: “This donation campaign has once again shown how important networking, good cooperation, solidarity and trust are. Even if people in catastrophic situations are no longer present in the media, we must not forget the “forgotten”. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who made the success of this campaign possible with their donations in kind and money!”


During the collection of the donations: Petra Forman, Judith Aschenbrenner, Theresa Henkel (Bussetti & Co) (f.l.t.r), Photo: Peter Aschenbrenner